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Suspended Ceiling Tiles


K2D provide and install quality suspended ceiling tiles throughout Ireland for offices, factories, hotels and every other commercial building at very reasonable prices. Our ceiling tiles have also been fitted into residential dwellings such as apartments, houses and bungalows. Our tiles are available in a wide variety of materials such as mineral fibre, metal. plaster and open ceiling tiles.

The most common ceiling tiles that the team at K2D have provided and installed are;

  • Tatra Ceiling Tile - This is a very popular tile because it is economical and is available in a range of sizes and edge details.
  • Dune Ceiling Tiles - This is a high performance acoustic tile and is commonly used in offices. This tile is available in a wide selection of sizes.
  • Fine Fissured Ceiling Tiles - This tile is available in 2 types (i) Square Edge and (ii) Tegular
  • Replacement Ceiling Tiles

    Every so often replacement ceiling tiles are required for offices and commercial buildings with damaged ceilings. The team at K2D can find matching tiles and are able to repair and replace all damaged tiles in the ceiling.

    Recently, the K2D team have been involved in repairing and replacing ceiling tiles for offices in Cork city. We have also repaired suspended ceilings for companies in Limerick, Tipperary and Kilkenny. We have supplied replacement tiles to businesses in the midlands and many other southern counties of Ireland

    Contact K2D Team

    If you wish to speak with an expert in regard to replacement ceiling tiles or need a suspended ceiling repaired then contact the team at K2D. You will not regret it.

    You can contact us by any of the following means ;

    Phone: 021 20 61 709 Mobile: 087 14 64 210

    Address: Ovens, Ballincollig, County Cork.

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